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D&AD New Blood Durex.

 An integrated campaign to encourage 16-24 year olds to carry and use condoms.


The ON OFF Scratch Card questions the decision of the user, whether they use a condom (ON) or not (OFF). If they use a condom, they are instantly rewarded; encouraging the continuation of risk free, real sex. On the other hand, The Scratch Card demonstrates the consequences without the use of protection and a chance to claim the prevention. 

The design throughout references the Durex brand through colour, type and iconography. Ensuring that the campaign for Durex is easily recognised. Every time you conduct sexual intercourse without protection, you gamble with the risk of catching an STI. Is it worth the Risk? Have you tried the ON OFF Application?

Thin Feel typeface was developed by using the basic shape of the Durex logo. From the logo, this generated a geometric base structure for the typeface. Applying the names and descriptions to the typefaces, in reference to the different types of Durex Condoms.